01. I Want You to Want Me
02. Take on Me
03. A Matter of Trust
04. Problem
05. At Least It Was Here
06. Zanzibar
07. Laura
08. All You Wanna Do Is Dance
09. Stiletto
10. You May Be Right
11. This Night
12. Through the Long Night
13. For the Longest Time
14. New York, New York
15. You Make My Dreams Come True
16. Rich Girl
17. Hot N Cold
18. Under Pressure
19. Renegade
20. She's Always a Woman to Me
21. Come Sail Away
22. Tainted Love
23. Should I Stay or Should I Go
24. Don't You Want Me
25. Pop Song
26. United States
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23 Oct 2011 7 notes
  #The Legend of Sleepy Hollow    #Brom Bones    #Ichabod Crane  

Just thought I’d state the fact: I’ve always hated Ichabod Crane. He’s greedy, he steals, and he just doesn’t need to have Katrina. On the other hand, I’ve always hated Katrina, too. She’s too stuck up and, to put it short, a bitch. 

I’ve always liked Brom Bones, though. In fact, I felt sorry for him. He was always just joking around. I’ve expressed this opinion to people at school, and they all think I’m nuts. Maybe the people of tumblr will understand?

  1. maryanimated said: Nope. I agree with you. When I was little and watched the Disney version of the story, I did like him. But watching it now…well…everything you just said.
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